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David Clark dbclark at fastmail.com.au
Sun Feb 3 12:22:56 GMT 2013

I was looking at Opencyclemap rather than mapnik, but the data has
updated now and the mtb trails look different to the cycle paths so
it's all good for me I think.

Now I'm trying to work out how to include a section of a way in a

ie I have a route (The Mawson trail) that passes along a section of a
fire road, but it doesn't pass along the full length of the fire road.
How do a I select only a section of the fire road (not the full length
of it) so I can make the relationship to the route?

Sorry for the scope creep of my original post.


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Updates on opencyclemap have been vastly improved I've noticed. In line
with the normal map updates more or less*

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Ok I've changed route=mtb to mtb=yes for the trail itself. That fixes

issue I had with the route side of this so that's great.

Using this approach an mtb trail (singletrack) looks the same as a

path (paved commuter path). Is this correct?

Looks the same in what? Mapnik? I'm not sure - mapnik may treat

"highway=path; bicycle=yes" as equivalent to "highway=cycleway".

They'll probably look different in opencyclemap, if and when that ever

gets updated again.



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