[talk-au] Adding only part of a road to a route relation (was: network and route tags)

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Sun Feb 3 19:59:02 GMT 2013

On 03/02/2013 12:22, David Clark wrote:
> ie I have a route (The Mawson trail) that passes along a section of a 
> fire road, but it doesn't pass along the full length of the fire road. 
> How do a I select only a section of the fire road (not the full length 
> of it) so I can make the relationship to the route?

You'd need to cut the fire road into 2 (or perhaps 3) and then add the 
relation to only the relevant bit.  In Potlatch (the online editor on 
the OSM website) you can do this by clicking on the node that you want 
to split it at and pressing "x".

Here's an example (not in Australia, but the same principle applies):


Here "Highfield Lane" is split into two.  The eastern part is added to 
the relation for cycle route 54; the western part isn't.


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