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Barker, Nicholas nbarker at pb.com.au
Tue Feb 12 01:29:34 GMT 2013

Hi all

I'm after a bit of clarification regarding national cycle route and mountain bike route relations in Australia. I've searched the wiki but still have some questions. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

As many of you will know we have a few well known long distance (100km+) cycle routes, some of which cross state boundaries. These routes are also rugged and designed to be ridden on mountain bikes or hybrids only. A few examples of these are:

The Bicentennial (VIC/NSW/QLD)
The goldfields track (VIC)
The Mawson Trail (SA)
The Munda Biddi (WA)

My Questions...
As these are extended bicycle routes (albeit for MTBs or tough hybrids) are of national significance do they constitute a national cycling network and should they be mapped as such?
Indeed if they do not cross state borders are the only of state significance and to be mapped as a RCN?
If a cycle route is rough enough to be MTB only (an unsurfaced rail trail for example) does that relegate it from the LCN, RCN or NCN to just being a MTB route only?
Should these routes carry two relations, NCN and MTB routes?

Can anybody assist?



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