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On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 7:28 PM, Barker, Nicholas <nbarker at pb.com.au> wrote:
> Ok I've just spotted something....it appears Google has added a couple 
> of trails onto their bicycling maps layer that only appear on OSM...nowhere else.
> Namely the trail called Follow Me in Lysterfield Lake Park in 
> Melbourne but probably all the others too..
> Is this an issue?

	Surely you can't demand that once something is mapped (or fixed) in OSM no one else is ever allowed to map 	(or fix) it.

Not at all,  it just seemed a bit of a double standard that we are diligent not to copy from other maps and only map what is on the ground...then this appears on Google on their 'cycle track' layer.

If they had mapped it from the ground properly then they would know that it is a very difficult mountain bike course with big jumps and drops, not a paved bike path and i doubt they would have used it in the cycle routing.

This trail is not mapped anywhere else and is not visible from Google maps so it leads me to the conclusion that they may have lifted it straight from the bike paths layer of OSM. It even copies a couple of 'mistakes' that would be picked up if mapped from the ground.

Obviously if we copied from Google then that's bad and illegal and we should be punished with big law suits...if Google copies from OSM well then that's OK as it furthers the mapping cause...

Just an observation I made.....

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