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Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Wed Jan 9 00:56:31 GMT 2013


I agree that it makes sense to have the coastline at low tide mark with a tidal zone area before the beach but accept that people's opinions on what is a beach differ. 

I will stick with the approach that coastline is high water mark but as mentioned how you do this from Bing is hit and miss. 

But linking the beach water side to the coastline is sensible IMHO. 

Noticed in one beach a "junk" coastline segment along with random points left behind from the redaction so bit of cleaning up being done. 

Good to see that OSM is recovering well from the redaction and would like to improve the quality of the work from my end.  But the update by the view server is rather crash prone at the moment and the bicycle one is as slow as ever. 

Oh, and thanks to the OSM community some very good maps can be used and on the last weekend I followed a track successfully that had been put in by another member. 

Brett Russell

On 09/01/2013, at 10:55 AM, "James Livingston" <lists at sunsetutopia.com> wrote:

> On 8 January 2013 20:32, Brett Russell <brussell237 at live.com.au> wrote:
>> Assuming that I am reading OSM instructions correct the beach is suppose to
>> only extend to the high water mark so the coastline and beach should have a
>> one to one relationship on the water side.  But then I have been wrong
>> before with OSM.
> I think there is what the wiki says, what the wiki says elsewhere,
> what is actually done, and what is a good idea :)
> The coastline page certainly does say that it should extend to the
> high water mark, and the early coastlines based on PGS data probably
> had that. Since people started tracing from imagery, I imagine a lot
> of traced coastline is actually "wherever the water was in the
> imagery" rather than the high water mark.
> If in future we want to map both the low and high water marks, the
> obvious thing to do would be to use coastline for the low water mark,
> water=tidal[0] for the middle area, and beach/whatever for everything
> that's dry.
> I gave up debating these kind of changes long ago, since people are
> never going to agree, regardless of the proposal :-\
> [0] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:water%3Dtidal
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> James
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