[talk-au] Invitation: Historical OSM Hangout - Asia, Australia, Pacific @ Tue Jan 15 9pm - 10pm (talk-au at openstreetmap.org)

Jeff Meyer jeff at gwhat.org
Wed Jan 9 19:27:40 GMT 2013

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Title: Historical OSM Hangout - Asia, Australia, Pacific
I'd like to host a Historical OSM Google Hangout for those who have not  
been able to make past hangouts due to time difference issues.

Our goal is to create a parallel version of the OSM stack for use in  
mapping places as they've looked through history and to eventually create  
time-based tiles or basemaps.

To learn more about this project, please see:  

I believe this should be:
0900 Moscow
1030 Mumbai
1400 Tokyo
1600 Melbourne

Please confirm if you can attend - I'd like to ensure a fun crowd.

My guess is that English will be the language of the call, but if anyone  
would like to lead the effort in other languages, please let me know.


When: Tue Jan 15 9pm – 10pm Pacific Time
Where: Google Hangout
Calendar: talk-au at openstreetmap.org
     * jeff at gwhat.org - organizer
     * talk-ru at openstreetmap.org
     * talk-au at openstreetmap.org
     * historic at openstreetmap.org
     * talk-in at openstreetmap.org
     * talk-ja at openstreetmap.org

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