[talk-au] NSW Transport Data Exchange (TDX)

Michael Gratton mike at vee.net
Tue Jan 22 12:17:11 GMT 2013

Hey Ian,

On 22/01/13 14:08, Ian Sergeant wrote:
> Andrew made mention of it, and did some experimentation when it was
> first available..
> http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-au/2012-September/009369.html
> Didn't provoke much discussion though, probably because of
> licence/volatility issues.

Thanks for those links. I ended up emailing Transport NSW initially
about access - before finding the sign-up and agreement pages, and
mentioned the licence was annoying. They seemed interested in what the
particular problems were, so maybe that will lead somewhere.

From the sounds of it, one thing they are anxious is having old
route/timetable data being out in public. Clearly from Andrew's work it
is possible to massage the TDX feeds into something useful for OSM. Does
OSM however have any process for keeping data like that up to date?

While stop/station locations infrequently change, routes do seem to come
and go more frequently. It wouldn't be too hard for someone to run a
process on a server somewhere to keep tabs on changes in the feed and
update the map as needed, but it seems like some coordination there
would be a good thing.


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