[talk-au] network and route tags

David Clark dbclark at fastmail.com.au
Sat Jan 26 05:33:58 GMT 2013

Hi All,
I am interested in a small area of trails. There are about 10 trails in
a local reserve, all the trails are sign posted and named etc, but
there is no actual marked route you just pick which trails you want to
use to get to where you want to go.
However the tagging used in OSM to me seems wrong.
Is this correct to use?
Should there be other tags associated with this such as
network:name=xxxxx etc?
All the trails are tagged with route=mtb. However there is no marked or
recognised physical route associate with these trails. Each trails is
short approximately 200m to 500m long so it seems to me the route tag
is not applicable.
If the above tags are wrong, is it ok to just delete them? These tags
have been used in this trail area and 2 others.

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