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David Clark dbclark at fastmail.com.au
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Ok I've changed route=mtb to mtb=yes for the trail itself. That fixes
the issue I had with the route side of this so that's great.

Using this approach an mtb trail (singletrack) looks the same as a
cycle path (paved commuter path). Is this correct?

The area I'm looking at first is the Lynton Trails and Mitcham in


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Hi David,
  Where is this, btw? In general:

- route=lcn are for bike paths that get you somewhere useful in the
local vicinity. (We still debate exactly what LCN means in Australia)
- route=mtb are for all mountain bike trails.

Don't get hung up on any connotations you might have with a word like
"route", as a native English speaker. The benefit to using route=mtb
is that they show up specially highlighted on mountain biking map
styles, which is useful and appropriate.

So, for each trail, I would:
- a route relation with route=mtb, and name=xx, and other tags as
- tag the trail itself with highway=path, name=xx,
surface=dirt/gravel, and add the route relation


On Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 4:33 PM, David Clark
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Hi All,

I am interested in a small area of trails. There are about 10 trails in

local reserve, all the trails are sign posted and named etc, but there
is no

actual marked route you just pick which trails you want to use to get

where you want to go.

However the tagging used in OSM to me seems wrong.



Is this correct to use?

Should there be other tags associated with this such as




All the trails are tagged with route=mtb. However there is no marked or

recognised physical route associate with these trails. Each trails is

approximately 200m to 500m long so it seems to me the route tag is not



If the above tags are wrong, is it ok to just delete them? These tags

been used in this trail area and 2 others.




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