[talk-au] surface=unsealed in 4wd/dirt road tagging

Ian Sergeant inas66+osm at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 23:03:39 UTC 2013

On 3 July 2013 08:52, Steve Bennett <stevagewp at gmail.com> wrote:

> Also a quick stat for you. 165,000 highways in Australia have a
> surface tag. 718,000 don't.
Surprising stat.  Especially considering paved is considered the default.

> it's no more burdensome
> to show all of [unsealed, unpaved, gravel, dirt] as a dashed line
> rather than just, say, unpaved.

I really like multi-level tags.




It makes it easy for people two write simple parsers without enumerating
the options, but people who are want to parse the details to do so.

There are a number of instances when OSM uses this type of multi-level
tagging scheme, but it lacks any form of consistency.

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