[talk-au] surface=unsealed in 4wd/dirt road tagging

Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Wed Jul 3 08:16:46 UTC 2013


As a newcomer to OSM one of the more challenging things is finding the universally accepted tagging and more importantly for me the rendering in both the website map and Garmin maps.  

It is one of the niggles that say with natural=water and with categorizing further to water=lake or water=dam, or water=tarn etc that JOSM brings them up as errors.  I quite like the sub category approach as a render has a choice how far they go down to without having huge statements to cover potentially infinite number of classifications.  More than happy for most uses natural=water is good enough but be great for some to identify natural lakes and lakes that are reservoirs.  

I did read an interesting thread debating the design of maps and given the huge potential number of users I think it not unreasonable to have different rendering for road, 4WD, bushwalkers, kayakers, etc.   It would be great that an approach could be agreed that say sealed versus unsealed (happy with unpaved) could exist and for the 4WD brigade a sublevel of cars, high ground clearance 2WD, and so on could be used.  Bit like the rendering of rivers.  For most people river and stream with the option of intermittent is perfectly ok but for a kayaker use to rivers graded by difficulty a sub category and a rendering option would be ideal.  

Heck, even Polatch 2 does not have natural=peak as a preset yet Polatch 1 did.  

Given the non centralized nature of OSM maybe the above is a pipe dream but I for one would be happy to invest the time in creating Garmin and web based tile maps optimized for bushwalking.  I am sure that if a render was a 4WD enthusiast then standard tagging backed up by Garmin maps (plus printable or web based tiles) would be quickly done.  I just find extracting how-to guides to rendering rather cryptic and missing vital steps.  Anyway like anything in OSM if I do not like it then it is up to me to map it or come-up with a solution.  For me one of the great sites is the OSM Australia as it cookie cuts some reasonable Garmin maps.  Be great if we could build on that.  As I hold, unless a tag is rendered then it is more academic than practical.

Just my two point five cents worth.


Brett Russell

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> On 03/07/13 08:52, Steve Bennett wrote:
> > FYI, the map style I'm working on for cycle touring does make this 
> > distinction: http://emscycletours.site44.com/map2.html#egrt 
> Nice work !
> > You might be right - but on a technical front, it's no more burdensome 
> > to show all of [unsealed, unpaved, gravel, dirt] as a dashed line 
> > rather than just, say, unpaved. Steve 
> Are you rendering that with Mapnik ? I planned to do something similar 
> to show the "Guardians of the Slippery Map" how cool it was but found it 
> non trivial and have not had time to get back to it.
> David
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