[talk-au] Making Garmin IMG for Bushwalking - Insanity starts

Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Tue Jul 9 02:26:23 UTC 2013


In the wonderful vague world that is OSM I am attempting to make maps for my Garmin 62s optimized for bushwalking.  I have raised this issue a few time but not much luck but decided to be pig headed and not let this beat me as more than a few people have become enthusiast about OSM only to become disillusion when they actually try to use it in the bush.  We have the excellent site OSM Australia that for vehicle users generates very sensibly sized IMG for each state.  I use their routeable maps on the Garmin 62s and the 2Km minor roads ones on my Fenix and have for a friend loaded them on his Extrex 10.  But they do not have contours.  I have obtained and loaded on more than a few Garmins the Contour Australia 5M.  Then I overlay the IMG from OSM Australia but frankly this is a clumsy solution for many people as the OSM Australian site IMG have poor zoom level set for bushwalkers and you do not get colour coded elevation shading.

So I have been reading up on mkgmap and struck as usual the "standard" array of Wikipedia entries that go around in circles with the reader needing to make numerous assumptions and follow links and at the end of this maze either given up or some how figure out what needs to happen.  Then I stumbled across http://thebird.nl/tutorials/osm_garmin.html, that while for Linux, explains the concepts so light has started to dawn.

My biggest issue is I use Telstra's mobile phone network to connect to the internet and this means very expensive data costs.  So I am rather keen to minimize downloads.  Ideally if the project works I would not mind if OSM Australia could generate the maps but first I need to workout how to do it myself and get others to use them before troubling the site owner.

Ok the first step is getting the OSM data.  I am aware that http://download.geofabrik.de/ provides .pbf files but for Australia it is 145MB.  Bit much of a download for a mobile phone given that I am looking to update Tassie every week or so as I am still madly mapping under the name Ent.  So step one is, getting .pbf files for just Tassie to begin with.  I cannot find anything that will do this.  I am aware that OSM will export small sections in an alternative format but will not do the whole state.  The reason for the whole state is about about every second weekend I can be walking anywhere in Tassie so would like to have all the state loaded so I can test it out with worrying about getting the exact section right as plans change often when we get in the car.

So does anyone know where I will find a site to download a pdf format file for Tassie and more importantly how to do this.

Thanks in advance.


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