[talk-au] Disconnected ways, almost connected nodes and crossing ways - user goldfishxyz

Stephen Backway stev391 at email.com
Mon Jul 15 07:21:52 UTC 2013


I have been monitoring one of Geofabrik's quality assurance sites and fixing errors (if appropriate) etc:

About a month ago I had the state of Victoria almost cleaned up, with only some issues in Melbourne shown on the map (a lot of these are false positives, and take a while to get through).

However recently I have noticed new errors appearing, in the form of disconnected ways, ways that just end short and also crossing ways (when there should be a node). These have been made by the user goldfishxyz, I have tried to contact this user directly via the openstreetmap messaging system, but have not had a response (the user is still creating more errorneous edits).

So goldfishxyz are you on this mailing list?

What other action should I be taking? 
Since noticing the new edits, I have fixed a few, but left the majority there so I can highlight them to this user. I don't really want to continue to clean the map, I would prefer to educate the person so they know of the issue.

(OSM user steve91)
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