[talk-au] Who to create a OSM Wikipedia information page

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I assume that you are referring to the OSM wiki, not Wikipedia:

If this is the case, you do not need any special editors at all (just your favourite web browser).

The first step would be to go to the wiki and sign up for an account.

Once this is done you can edit pages, so find a spot in the wiki where you think there should be more information what you want to do and either:
1) add it to an existing page, or
2) edit the page to link to a wiki page with the right title, once that is done click on the link to the new page and edit it with the new information.

The syntax for creating headings/links/images etc is rather simple and brief look into the source (button on each wiki page) will show you the syntax. See this page for style guides and hints:

Hope this makes sense,

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Hi All

Thanks to the enormous efforts and patience of a mailing list member, I am gradually battling through the process of creating img files for Garmin on a Windows machine.The process ironically is easier on a Unix cmd style interface as many things work without battling Window style differences, but for better and more likely worse Windows is my operating system as that is what matches my work environment.Also many people use it.
iven that I can find no clear guides to creating Garmin img files using Windows machines I would like to document the process and put up a Wikipedia entry on the process.I am not sure how to do this and would like a few pointers such as login and editors to use, and even confirmation that it is possible.I would like to do it now as nothing like writing instructions before you become familiar and start assuming and abstracting away things plus steps that once made your life difficult.

Anyway, as usual, any help and pointers would be appreciated.

Cheers Brett
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