[talk-au] Making Garmin IMG for Bushwalking - Insanity starts

Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Wed Jul 17 23:50:49 UTC 2013


Some kind fellow list mapper has split the pbf of Australia with Tasmania so I can play with mkgmap.  Also they have been doing the same so are making progress.  For me I have spent a lot of time battling Window issues so way behind their work, which they have made impressive progress but gradually coming up to speed, myself.  Sort of do a bit of mapping, look at the mkgmap issues, read up, tinker, run the img making process, download, check out the result on the Garmin and repeat.  

The idea is to publish a img on a bushwalking site and get feedback.  This I figure, or hope, will encourage more OSM mappers as the big issue I have found is unless people can use the OSM data they lose interest. Also the high number of Garmin GPSs within bushwalking means that they have already the basic tool.  OSM Australia website would be a great place to put up maps but its updates appear to be erratic at times and from what I gather it already is getting many hits so might be overloaded and contour img files are much bigger than standard OSM only data files. Plus with all our work the data files are just getting bigger.

On the iPhone front I have been chatting to MapswithMe about bushwalking maps for their App.  They of the current crop of OSM based Apps have by far the best rendering and use vector files so overcome the huge download of tiles issue that many other map Apps use.  Mud Map 2 is the only other App that I have found that uses vector maps but their rendering is not as good (no polygons rendered) but they are making progress.  Given the size of contour lines and the fact they do not change then both Apps will likely need to split OSM data for frequent downloads to capture updates and for contour data use large or sectional downloads.  Bit like using Contour Australia 5M as a base layer on Garmins.  Though the result of combining contours with the OSM data looks better, at least on my Garmin.

Big issue I find is on the websites you see very nice screen shots on Garmins but I have not even gone close to achieving this, but the fellow list member has found type files and I will be checking out his work today.

Like anything in OSM is a long and challenging journey but if we can get it right then the rewards will be worth it.

Cheers Brett

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    Brett Russell wrote:

      Ok the first step is getting the OSM data.  I am
        aware that http://download.geofabrik.de/ provides .pbf files but
        for Australia it is 145MB.  Bit much of a download for a mobile
        phone given that I am looking to update Tassie every week 



        So does anyone know where I will find a site to download a pdf
        format file for Tassie and more importantly how to do this.


    I suspect that the sub-regions that got added at
    http://download.geofabrik.de/ got added because someone asked for
    them, so you could always try that!


    Failing that someone who's not on a mobile phone connection would
    need to download the .pbf for Australia and then split it with
    Osmosis (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osmosis).  Given the
    shape of the state boundaries I'd have thought that simple lat/long
    based splitting would work, with only Vic/NSW/ACT being at all






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