[talk-au] New tile rendering server (Experimental)

Grant Slater openstreetmap at firefishy.com
Tue Jul 23 14:36:15 UTC 2013

On 23 July 2013 15:08, David Clark <dbclark at fastmail.com.au> wrote:
> Sorry I don't really understand this, how will this affect me and what I
> see?

Hopefully you shouldn't see any difference. :-)

It is a large behind the scenes change on how we produce the default
map tiles (view) for OpenStreetMap.org

The old map stylesheet was a mass of difficult to understand XML. The
new map stylesheet is completely re-written in a much cleaner CartoCSS
syntax. Easier to maintain and improve, it is also easier to customise
it for other projects. Andy Allan's talk explains it better than I
could to: http://vimeopro.com/openstreetmapus/state-of-the-map-us-2013/video/68093876

We have also changed the server infrastructure used for rendering the
map tiles. The old server was becoming very complicated to maintain
and administer due to the many layers of complexity, code, and
undocumented hacks built up over time. The new server is setup using
an automated "devops" system (opscode chef). The chef cookbook we
wrote is here: http://git.openstreetmap.org/chef.git/tree/HEAD:/cookbooks/tile


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