[talk-au] Garmin maps with style and typ files combined

Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Wed Jul 24 12:33:44 UTC 2013

Hi All

Thanks to the to notch support from a local OSM Australia forum member and support from a generic OSM form and two excellent type files from French mappers I finally developed a very good starting point for a Garmin Bushwalking map, and here is the link to a drop box,   https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g7nxh1xwjrlxg5v/O9sBszLB0n  with the resulting img.   Now while far from perfect the img does have a few useful features.  The typ file allows customisation of line types, polygons and icons.  I have "stolen" a few icons from a French developer (via La France) that match the mapnik ones.  Also created my own one for scree and minor mountains.  

I started with the default mkgmap default style sheet.  Big thing to note is as mkgmaps is developed for Unix programmers all the directory links are / rather than \ so the include additional style sheets does not work until the slash is reversed for Window users.  I then used the typ file from a French programmer that did a wonderful job mirroring the standard mapnik icons.  Then for additional icons I found another French typ file from someone that is very artistic on designing icons and "borrowed" his waterfall icon, and will be liberating a few more.  Plus as mentioned added my own style for scree.  Also I modified the generic mapnik type to remove icons that are standard Garmin ones, as Garmin did a better job of rendering the icon.

Thanks to the kind support of a fellow OSM Australia mailing list member I have added in the contours for 20 metres.  Also I changed the resolution levels for paths to hang into 12 km and increased the number of levels by two.  My contribution to the default style and mapnik typ file is three mountain types, <1000 metres, 1000-1399 metres, and >1400 metres.  This means screen clutter is not such an issue.  Also upped the standard resolution for contours and minor roads.  Made the line type for paths more visible.  So we now have alpine hut icon as well.  The img should be routeable and with a street index.

Anyway, the above is only for Tasmania as an experiment.  Next step is playing with the road rendering as per my earlier email suggests.  

So have a look and any comments appreciated.  More than happy to share "my" style and type files plus write up instruction for Window users incoming to terms with mkgmap.

Cheers Brett
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