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Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Thu Jul 25 07:07:25 UTC 2013

Top job.  Looks like the walls are tumbling down and access been gradually granted to government data.

Cheers Brett

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Well done. Thanks for following it up.
  - Ben Kelley
On 25 Jul 2013 16:19, "Alex Sims" <alex at softgrow.com> wrote:


    I've now obtained permission and recorded it at 


    This is really very helpful as it allows:

    * at least a first pass for filling in "nonames" roads 

    * geo-referencing  Bing photos against property boundaries at least
    near the CBD

    * accurate Local Government and Suburb boundaries as opposed to ABS

    * more bike lanes, playgrounds, fire stations, ambulance stations
    etc. to be included


    I followed a similar path to what was used for data.gov.au, and
    would comment that the day to write seeking permission/clarification
    is today as it takes a while, but the outcome is worth it.


    Anyway I'm excited and quite pleased, just wish I had more time for



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      I'm just writing an email now to seek
        a similar agreement for sa.data.gov.au as for data.gov.au




        On 25/05/2013 5:23 PM, Paul Norman wrote:


              only issue with CC BY is that some data owners believe
              that attribution “reasonable to the medium” is more than
              the ODbL guarantees which allows “notices in a location …
              where users would be likely to look for it” such as a wiki
              page linked from /copyright or in the case of produced
              works, a “notice … reasonably calculated to make [anyone]
              aware that Content was obtained from the Database” (The
              “Database” in that quote would be what was provided under
              CC BY).

              cities releasing data as CC BY insisted that only mention
              on any page where the map was viewed was reasonable, which
              is clearly unreasonable when there can be dozens of
              sources on one page, or even hundreds.
                    Ian Sergeant [mailto:inas66+osm at gmail.com]

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            Hi Daniel,


              The first step should be to find out if they are willing
              to have their data relicenced under our licence? 


              CC-BY data is nice, and means that the data owner is
              likely only seeking attribution (which we do provide) but
              my understanding is that it is still insufficient for us
              to use without further permission from the data owner. 
              Pointers to our attribution page have worked in the past
              in gaining such permission.


              On 24 May 2013 18:58, Daniel O'Connor
                <daniel.oconnor at gmail.com>

                The SA govt has joined many of the
                  other state/local governments in publishing open
                The current implementation is
                  powered by CKAN, and though I haven't seen it yet,
                  appears to be leveraging openstreetmap / cloudmade in
                  some fashion.
                Anyway, the majority of the data
                  sets are CC-A licensed, and in either CSV or Shapefile
                Some initial things that might be
                  worth importing/using as a reference/looking into:
                and of course:
                Not sure how much overlap with data.gov.au data sets (assume
                Anyone want to have a look around
                1) Call out the things you think
                  are missing
                2) Call out the things you'd want
                  to have imported or manually transcribed into open
                  street map




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