[talk-au] Rivers that have dams on them

Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Wed Jun 12 04:31:43 UTC 2013


I am now
starting work on rivers and streams but would like some guidance on dealing
with rivers that have dams on them.  A
good example is the Forth River in Tasmania. 
I have started building up the river banks as it can be quite wide using
the polygon tagged riverbank and had no issues as yet.  But what do I do with hydro lakes?  I have read that some OSM mappers do not like
the river running through the lake and prefer it to stop and start it at the
lake.  Must admit that I struggle to know
when a river stops and lake starts when working from Bing.  Also, water may go a little distance in an
underground pipe so you get a gap from the dam wall to the outflow from the
power station.  I assume we map what we
see from Bing?

As usual, any
guidance would be appreciated to improve my mapping quality.

I used OSM on a
nine day Overland Track Wall and found it very good with the Garmins that I was
using.  Used the routable maps and found
they were about a one kilometre in ten understated on distance due to fewer
nodes recorded in OSM compared to the distance tracked by the GPSs.  Still very impressive compared to the
expensive and poor quality Garmin maps.  Need
to work with someone to get OSM bushwalking maps going as walking tracks,
mountains and huts need to be zoomed in a long way to see thus you get “lost”
in the trees finding them.   Also the
search feature on the Garmin can be rather “broken”, by that items do not
appear in the all POI lists but can be found in sub lists.  Bit more work needed by my to refine the tracks and the features but gradually working my way south to north refining the track.
Mud Map 2 looks promising but sadly it does not render lakes and mountains being optimised for 4WD tracks.  It is better suited to the 4WD users than bushwalkers at the moment but I do hope that they continue its development to cover bushwalkers.

It would be
great to combine Contour Australia 5M with OSM data into one img file rather than
having both OSM and Contour Australia 5M maps enabled.  Especially useful for Garmin Basecamp on the
computer as you either have OSM or Contours Australia 5 showing.  
Also for drawing in rivers and streams it would be good in JOSM to have Contours Australia as a data layer so I can deal with rivers and streams that run under forest cover. 
As usual again any help greatly appeciated.

Cheers Brett

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