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I would run the main waterway=river way through the lake polygon, like you
run it through a riverbank polygon.

  - Ben Kelley
 On 12/06/2013 2:32 PM, "Brett Russell" <brussell237 at live.com.au> wrote:

> Hi******
> I am now starting work on rivers and streams but would like some guidance
> on dealing with rivers that have dams on them.  A good example is the
> Forth River in Tasmania.  I have started building up the river banks as
> it can be quite wide using the polygon tagged riverbank and had no issues
> as yet.  But what do I do with hydro lakes?  I have read that some OSM
> mappers do not like the river running through the lake and prefer it to
> stop and start it at the lake.  Must admit that I struggle to know when a
> river stops and lake starts when working from Bing.  Also, water may go a
> little distance in an underground pipe so you get a gap from the dam wall
> to the outflow from the power station.  I assume we map what we see from
> Bing?****
> As usual, any guidance would be appreciated to improve my mapping quality.
> ****
> I used OSM on a nine day Overland Track Wall and found it very good with
> the Garmins that I was using.  Used the routable maps and found they were
> about a one kilometre in ten understated on distance due to fewer nodes
> recorded in OSM compared to the distance tracked by the GPSs.  Still very
> impressive compared to the expensive and poor quality Garmin maps.  Need
> to work with someone to get OSM bushwalking maps going as walking tracks,
> mountains and huts need to be zoomed in a long way to see thus you get
> “lost” in the trees finding them.   Also the search feature on the Garmin
> can be rather “broken”, by that items do not appear in the all POI lists
> but can be found in sub lists.  Bit more work needed by my to refine the
> tracks and the features but gradually working my way south to north
> refining the track.
> Mud Map 2 looks promising but sadly it does not render lakes and mountains
> being optimised for 4WD tracks.  It is better suited to the 4WD users than
> bushwalkers at the moment but I do hope that they continue its development
> to cover bushwalkers.
> It would be great to combine Contour Australia 5M with OSM data into one
> img file rather than having both OSM and Contour Australia 5M maps enabled.
> Especially useful for Garmin Basecamp on the computer as you either have
> OSM or Contours Australia 5 showing.
> Also for drawing in rivers and streams it would be good in JOSM to have
> Contours Australia as a data layer so I can deal with rivers and streams
> that run under forest cover.
> As usual again any help greatly appeciated.
> Cheers Brett****
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