[talk-au] MudMap 2 report back

Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Sun Jun 16 06:26:39 UTC 2013


I have been playing with MudMap 2 and frankly the important feature for a OSM mapper, the ability to upload GPX files, is terrible.  MudMap are mad keen that you use their server.  First the send, sends the GPX file to their server with a default public setting.  Then you have to go to their server to send it, say to yourself, which then after typing in an email address it send you an email that again requires you to again visit their server to download a GPX format that is downloaded as a GPX.XLM format so not recognised by Garmin's Bsecamp!!!!!!   In all the most idiotic process that could be dreamed up.  Net result is I have not even the ability to comment on the tracking ability of my plot except to say that it almost flattened my iPhone 4S in two and bit hours.  

The critical for bushwalkers features such as lakes and mountains do not appear.  Sure the application is still in development so I can forgive this but the terrible ability to extract a GPX file suggests a form of thinking that I can not abide, that being forcing users to their site.  Are we to see fees being charged for this "service" down the track?

Not recommended.


Brett Russell
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