[talk-au] JOSM uploads past 2000 points

Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Tue Jun 25 03:43:23 UTC 2013

Hi Ross

Thanks for the info. I will give it a shot and look for the node count.  

I have when creating a way found hovering back over it down the bottom of the screen it will tell me the nodes used. 

What I have found if I create a way of say 1500 nodes and upload, then create another way of say the same number of nodes, and then upload and finally then create a multipolygon relationship and tag the properties and upload all works well. But if I do it in one step and then upload I strike the mentioned problem.   My worry is multiple uploads as they are a pain to find, edit and or remove.  Just want to keep OSM data a clean as possible and not corrupt the database. 

From memory moving a large multipolygon lake in JOSM creates a similar problem. So I align lakes in Polatch 2 and all works well. 

Finding JOSM very powerful but still very much a newbie with it. 

Brett Russell
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Launceston Tas. 7250
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On 25/06/2013, at 1:25 PM, "Ross Scanlon" <info at 4x4falcon.com> wrote:

>> Hi
>> I am all to aware of the 2000 node limit with OSM but when using JOSM to
>> create lakes as multipolygons from multiple ways it is easier to create
>> the ways, link them a multipolygon relationship, tag properties and
>> upload. JOSM then creates a change set and gives five tries and fails so
>> if you hit upload again it tries again. Strangely if I use Polatch 2 to
>> check I nearly always find the lake is added to OSM. On at least one
>> occasion JOSM uploaded the lake more than once. In fact five times. I
>> have to exit JOSM and restart it to avoid the changeset wanting to
>> endlessly upload,
> Rather than restarting josm:
> Upload->Changesets->Upload to a new Changeset
> The old changeset will time out and you can upload to new changeset(s) from there on.
>> Has anyone else experienced this issue. Reading on the web suggests this
>> is a common problem with some claiming a configuration setting in JOSM
>> can eliminate this issue.
> Don't know about a config setting but if you have the Selection panel open on the right hand side of the window, then select the object it will tell you how many nodes are used by it.  It is then a simple matter to split (Tools->Split Way) the way into two (or more) pieces.  If its a loop way then select two (or more) nodes on opposite sides and then split it.
> If you do the split after adding all the tags or creating the multipolygon they are copied to the new way.
> Cheers
> Ross
>> As usual any help would be appreciated as you can imagine it is
>> frustrating when mapping large lakes.
>> Cheers
>> Brett
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