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Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
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Good find and explains the issue in nutshell re the lack of Polatch 2 rendering.  The curse of OSM strikes again.  By that very gifted and dedicated volunteers with somewhat different ideas and lack of a process to standardise things.  While I am attracted to the pursuit of perfection sometimes it can tyrannical to getting things done.

O'well as long as it is rendered in mkgmaps I will be happy, if a little confused at times.



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    Brett Russell wrote:



        One strange thing though.  In Polatch 2 the lake is no longer
        coloured blue like other lakes.  Is this a side effect of having
        an island?   


    Not sure if its related, but see this message from Richard (the
    Potlatch author) about a lake a few thousand KM away:









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