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Ben Johnson tangararama at gmail.com
Fri May 3 07:13:04 UTC 2013

I agree this can be better coordinated, but not everyone uses or reads this list. 

I have a particular interest in these new routes… (don't ask).  

B74 is already majorly unveiled at the Tuggerah junction with M1 - so I turned B74 on in OSM.

We should expect large-scale coverplate removal any day now. RMS has been waiting until end of school holidays, and also I believe for the release of Sydway and UBD 2014 editions which apparently are now available with new route numbers… so I think we're about to see big changes fast. So brace yourselves.

I'm going that way again tomorrow and will investigate B70 to see if there's any action there yet. I've created a few route relations for alphas in Central Coast and Newcastle region, but haven't set the ref tags yet until there is on-ground signage in place.  This will make it easier (when the signs are unveiled) to select an entire route in JOSM and add the ref tag.  If you agree with this method then I'm happy to volunteer to continue creating relations for the new routes.  I have 5 weeks holidays starting soon with plenty of spare time and I want to get back into contributing to the project.

What should become of the old routes?  Should old_ref be retained, should old route relations remain?

Regard hierachies - have we agreed that all A routes are Trunk, and all B routes are Primary?  Should former the "State" routes (e.g. SR83 Old Pacific Hwy from Gosford to Doyalson) currently assigned as a Primary road now be lowered to Secondary as it loses its route number.

Happy to help out - but I don't want to step on toes.


On 03/05/2013, at 3:07 PM, Ian Sergeant <inas66+osm at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've noticed a few people are changing the references in NSW to the alphanumeric references before the signage has changed.
> I don't see the purpose of this.  I doesn't correspond to what is on the ground, it must be confusing to people actually trying to use OSM for navigation.  Also, given it is the RTA coordinate this, it wouldn't be surprising if some of the routes actually differed from the proposed routes on the webpage.
> To the best of my knowledge the only route that has been re-referenced is the B73, the others still retain their existing signage - with perhaps an uncovered sign here and there.  I traced the 
> I'd suggest we can use the wiki to coordinate as these references change?   That way we can ensure the entire route is renamed at once, rather than a patchwork?
> Ian.
> P.S. Of course there have been a few routes (M7, A31/M31 approaching Albury) that have been this way for a while, and aren't at issue here. _______________________________________________
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