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Hi Daniel,

The first step should be to find out if they are willing to have their data
relicenced under our licence?

CC-BY data is nice, and means that the data owner is likely only seeking
attribution (which we do provide) but my understanding is that it is still
insufficient for us to use without further permission from the data owner.
Pointers to our attribution page have worked in the past in gaining such


On 24 May 2013 18:58, Daniel O'Connor <daniel.oconnor at gmail.com> wrote:

> The SA govt has joined many of the other state/local governments in
> publishing open data.
> The current implementation is powered by CKAN, and though I haven't seen
> it yet, appears to be leveraging openstreetmap / cloudmade in some fashion.
> Anyway, the majority of the data sets are CC-A licensed, and in either CSV
> or Shapefile format:
> Some initial things that might be worth importing/using as a
> reference/looking into:
> http://www.data.sa.gov.au/dataset/major-and-minor-roads
> http://www.data.sa.gov.au/dataset/library-locations
> http://www.data.sa.gov.au/dataset/parks-and-reserves
> http://www.data.sa.gov.au/dataset/sa-playgrounds
> http://www.data.sa.gov.au/dataset/stormwater-nodes
> http://www.data.sa.gov.au/dataset/surface-water-catchments
> http://www.data.sa.gov.au/dataset/suburb-boundaries
> and of course:
> http://www.data.sa.gov.au/dataset/centrelink-office-locations
> Not sure how much overlap with data.gov.au data sets (assume some).
> Anyone want to have a look around and
> 1) Call out the things you think are missing
> 2) Call out the things you'd want to have imported or manually transcribed
> into open street map
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