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Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sat May 25 11:57:15 UTC 2013

Ian, thanks for the interesting data. I believe we are all somewhat
relieved that we are recovering from the redaction process relatively
fast, if not faster than expected.


PS: There is however still room for a large mapping party in Sydney to
collect street names :-)

Am 25.05.2013 13:08, schrieb Ian Sergeant:
> I crunched some numbers comparing AU planet extracts from today and
> prior to the redaction commencing.  Although they were for my personal
> edification,  I thought I'd share them.
> We have about 70,000 km of additional mapped unclassified and
> residential road now than we did before the redaction process - that
> is an increase in distance of about 27%.   In terms of distance of
> named roads in this category, we're about where we were before the
> redaction in absolute terms.
> Trunk and motorways there is no significant variation.  The number of
> kilometres of mapped road and named roads in this category is roughly
> unchanged.
> In primary, secondary, and tertiary, we've had an increase in mapped
> distance of 35,000km, or around 20%.  Although we've seen a
> significant decrease in the number of secondary roads, and marked
> increase in the mapped km of tertiary roads.   Our post-redaction
> remappers have a tendency towards tertiary roads, it would seem.  Our
> length of named roads in this category is up in actual kilometres, but
> down on a relative basis.
> In paths, tracks, footways and cycleways and service roads our mapped
> distance is also up,   We've seen huge increases in mapped tracks -
> closing on double what we had before.
> So, my summary would be that we've probably comprehensively remapped
> he motorways and trunk roads across the country.  We've got
> significantly more tracks, paths and residential/unclassified roads
> than we had before.  There would seem to be artifacts of extensive
> aerial remapping, with the lower percentage overall of named roads,
> and what I'm thinking could be a consequent tendency to underrate what
> passes for a secondary road in Australia.  I'd also attribute greater
> mapping outside of urban areas to the more extensive bing imagery
> coverage, and possibly the focus of the redaction process on urban areas.
> Of course, this is all quantitative data, not qualitative.  Take it
> for what it is.  My summary is just a guess, and I can't say with any
> certainty that the increase in distance isn't just fence posts on the
> Kimberley!
> Ian.
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