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Mark Pulley mrpulley at lizzy.com.au
Mon Nov 18 13:33:36 UTC 2013

I've just submitted the edit for the Holbrook bypass and associated roads. I haven't yet submitted the GPS traces (homework for me).

The old Hume Hwy north of where Pinnabar Road used to join is still present, but blocked off by temporary road closure barriers (yellow and black striped signs on metal stands) - I've added barrier=yes here (I'm not sure if this is a permanent closure at that point), but have left the road north of there, as it is still present (up to the closure near the current highway). I have also surveyed Pinnabar Road, Millswood Road and Tip Road, plus a couple of new access roads at the southern end of the bypass.

If you happen to go near Albury, you could check where the Riverina Hwy (B58) stops. I had thought the new route number was going to terminate at the Hume Hwy, but signs at the ramps off the Hume Hwy at the junction indicate B58 continues to the east, and I did see another B58 on a sign (I think at Elizabeth Mitchell Drive - I turned off here to head north), but the road distance sign I saw on that section of road didn't have a road name or number.

On 15/11/2013, at 10:23 PM, Nick Hocking wrote:
> Hi Arthur, mark,
> About four weeks ago I went down to Melbourne, for a bike ride and did have my GPS on through Holbrook. I saw someone had put the bypass in so I didn't think to check it.  I've just uploaded my GPS and it matches the other one very well and is substantially different to the "construction " ways.
> Last Year I wen down to Nagambie lakes ( for a bike ride) and surveyed most of Holbrook (pre bypass) on the way back. A lot of this is now wrong, because of the bypass.
> Mark,  I'll be going back down to Nagambie Lakes for the same ride this year (in two weeks), so If you run out of time or miss any roads, I will be able to finish them off.

Mark P.

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