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I met this afternoon with Garth Walker from the SA Government DPTI who’s using OpenStreetMap data with OpenJourneyPlanner for public transport journey planning on Adelaidemetro.com.au

One thing that came up early on was a lot of footpaths crossing but not meeting highways giving them and their users issues, e.g. from KeepRight


If anyone is feeling like some armchair mapping here it would be most appreciated.

One question I tried to answer for Garth is how could his area help OpenStreetMap locally. I had a couple of ideas:
* A loan drone that I saw elsewhere today that can get images and integrates into OpenStreetMap and seems practical, (at least in France) for mapping areas without imagery quickly from 120m
* A Friday afternoon meeting for them to show us how they use OpenStreetMap
* Release of Survey Marks in SA for georeferencing

Are there any more ideas?

It was really helpful for me to find someone putting all of our hard work to good use in a public way.


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> From: GW - Customer Experience <garth.walker at sa.gov.au>
> Subject: {Adelaide Metro Developer Group} Open Street Maps Contribution
> Date: 20 November 2013 3:35:06 pm ACDT
> To: adelaide-metro-developer-group at googlegroups.com
> I'd like to say hi to the Open Street Maps community.
> We've identified a few areas of improvement for South Australian Open Street Maps which we would encourage contributors to focus on.
> It would be really helpful to us and we're keen on building a relationship with the community on this front.
> We're keen to see improvements to walking paths, official bike ways, accessibility detail, street address detail and points of interest such as tourist destinations.

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