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G'day Neil,

Steve, aka Steve91 here, if I have been one of the mappers that have caused issues with this intersection I apologies.

As for the source of nearmap, it must have been a copy and past error, from the adjacent section of the road. I use AGRI, Bing sat images and survey for areas already mapped. The history of the some sections of the offramp show the nearmap as a source tag going back to 10/05/10.

The intersection in question I do remember having a look at, but only for routing issues due to: disconnected ways, incorrect one-way road leading to islands, duplicate ways etc. (i.e. trying to improve the quality of the map, as per the comment on the changeset). I identify items for attention via OSM Inspector or the validator in JOSM. I don't believe I added the ways. It appears that I changed the 2 ways in question from 'track' to tertiary and may have reconnected one end of them. 

If the intersection has been remodelled, as per the google earth imagery, then the sections of roads should not exist as 'track' and the ways should be removed. Also the onramp that is one way should be one way through the entire section, not have one way followed by bi-directional followed by one way.

I have no issues with you reverting the changes I made to the intersection, as long as the traffic routing is consistent along the ways.


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Hi Nick,
Yep thats a good idea to add the survey tag. Interestingly the ways did not not have a source tag up until jan 2013 however Steve91 added the source of Nearmap then. Which I wasn't aware we still had access to.
I'll be heading past the intersection later this week and will check it out.


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Hi Neil,

I think the way to get this fixed permanently could be...
Fix it one more time, re-add the note saying that the imagery is out of date and that this intersection has been surveyed.
Change the source tag from nearmap to survey.
Now even though one of the mnappers has a fairly colourful history of edit wars and non response to polite messages, it may be useful to send both of them a message pointing out that you have actually surveyed the area and that the Bing imagery is out of date. You could send links to the Google map sattelite view that shows the new layout and also the Google street view that shows the old layout.
I guess that it's possible (but not likely) that the local council have decided that what they originally had was better and have resealed the parts that were removed. You could check whether the latest mapper actually surveyed it or just traced it from imagery.

I also think it would be nice if all edit software flashed up a warning (once per session) if you change an object that has a "survey" tag. This warning would disappear on the next click but may serve to give the mapper second thoughts as to whether his changes are for the better or not.

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