[talk-au] [OSM-talk] Converting OSM roads to GIS dataset (Queensland, Australia)

Stephane Goldstein s.n.g at gmx.com
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I usually first extract the pbf file to a PostgreSQL database using osm2pgsql.

Then connect to the DB using any GIS software.

In osm2pgsql you can specify a bounding box and which features you want to extract to the DB, to speed up the process.
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Hello all,

I'm trying to convert the Queensland, Australia OSM roads into a GIS format (esri shape or mapinfo) using GDAL 1.10

I downloaded a .osm.pbf file for australia from http://download.geofabrik.de/australia-oceania/australia.html 

I'm only really after the geometry that represents roads. So I don't need the points or polygons.

Does anyone have any suggestions about any arguments I can put into my GDAL command to restrict translation to only what I consider relevant?

For example, the argument -spat 136 -31 156 should restrict import to a bounding box that approximately represents Qld.

I would appreciate advice on;
- what geometry layer suits my purposes
- how to specify that in a GDAL argument

Kind regards,

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