[talk-au] ISP caching problems with JOSM ?

Steer isteer at iinet.net.au
Thu Sep 12 12:01:34 UTC 2013

I'm wondering if I'm striking caching problems with my ISP or my PC.  I make
changes and upload them with no error messages and close JOSM.  I re-open
the next day, and my changes aren't there - but they are present in the
"slippy map".  I re-do them and upload them and get a conflict saying the
server version is newer than mine.  I can close JOSM, re-open and
re-download, and the server version and my version don't change. 


I have googled this problem, but it was all a bit above my head.  Does
anyone have a solution for this problem they can describe in simple terms ?





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