[talk-au] Some help testing a mkgmap file requieed

Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Fri Sep 20 04:55:41 UTC 2013



I have been working away on making Garmin maps but have struck a rather
typical Garmin issue.  Anyway if you can have a look it would be much


https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=D994A45D28184300!429   Here is the
link to the Ent_World.img file.  


The issue is on the search feature.   I am using a Rino 650 and Garmin 62s.
Now on the Rino it is near impossible to find anything as it assume "Hu" is
all you need and finds a few things but nothing I want.  The 62S is annoying
as the find using the spell feature, while slow, finds the item, say
"Huntsman Lake" but when I select automotive routing it calculates to 86%
then fades out like the batteries have failed.  A few sets of batteries
later and this issue appears to be with the unit.


So what I am trying to identify is my Garmin 62S is on the way out and is
the Rino search been knobbled by Garmin.  Also as a run Garmin topo maps and
Shonky occasionally the map only shows contours.  Copy and deleting the img
files and then restarting the unit then shutting it down and copying back
the img files works.  Why? No idea!!!


Anyway, please have a look and see how it works.  I am in the process of
developing the maps for Australia wide and striking a rather large number of
issues.  The best was the contour lines cut using a very large polygon of
many points.  The I5 after seven days and seven nights had barely made a
dent but my I7 crunched the data in no time.  Um? Ok yes it is a faster
processor but my Asus eepc with the mighty atom processor did the job in
five hours.  Turns out the later version of phyghtmap is considerably more
efficient than the version that the instruction for Windows referred to and
I had put the more recent version on the I7.  Anyway experimenting with a
full 64 bit version and gradually pieced together something that appears to
be working but still waiting for it to work through the download.


Oh, and yes using very elaborate polys for the state boarders is not a good
idea as was mentioned by a fellow forum member.  Almost got there with
Victoria using OSMCONVERT to cut the poly but then struck the issue of the
sea flooding inland.  Talk about global warming.  So I will be using a
simpler poly for further testing.


Cheers Brett



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