[talk-au] Motorway edits in NSW / Vic

Jason Ward jasonjward5 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 00:28:21 UTC 2014

Its touched on in the Vandalism Wiki but not referred to the DWG page but
if there is not a suitable response then bringing it to the attention of
the Data Working Group for user blocking is the next step I guess.

It suggest contacting them via the address at the bottom of that page.  If
no response is made and the edits continue I would suggest that be the next
step (if it hasn't been suggested already) although if what has been done
is an obvious vandalism attempt then I'd be referring the issue to the DWG.



On 11 February 2014 09:43, SomeoneElse <lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk> wrote:

> Stéphane Guillou wrote:
>> .... but has anyone written to ask them to justify their edits?
> Yes - one of the Scottish guys who spotted the problems north of Edinburgh
> in the UK.  I mentioned it here because I figured that not too many people
> would be suscribed to both talk-gb and talk-au.
> Cheers,
> Andy
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