[talk-au] Motorway edits in NSW / Vic

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Thu Feb 13 00:27:00 UTC 2014

SomeoneElse wrote:
> Leon Kernan wrote:
>> What a mess.  I've been trying to revert his edits with not much luck.
>> There is a problem with relations that i can't get the revert tool to 
>> figure out.
>> Can someone with a bit more experience with JOSM and reverter please 
>> take a look at changeset #20390092 ?
> I'll have a go at 20390092 and see how things go.

Right, that's reverted, but JOSM was unable to upload changes to three 




In each case some older ways have been replaced by some newer ones, so 
it should be possible to fill in the gaps manually.  2898638 is a bus 
route, but there's little possibility of variation in the gaps. The 
other two are both "Western Highway" relations (not sure why there were 



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