[talk-au] QLD GTFS Data Imports

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Sun Feb 23 21:55:13 UTC 2014

> My only requirement being to understand where the qroti:surveyed is from
> (a government employee survey date or a morb_au survey date?) My thinking
> is that morb_au didn't survey 6,000 bus stop across Brisbane and that this
> was information held in a dataset that he had access to.

This: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=qroti+osm&l=1 (
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/QROTI). I think morb_au really did
survey 6,000 bus stops, as: "morb_au is also the sole surveyor of bus stop
locations"; "last_surveyed: Last survey time "in the field"." I assume
"last_surveyed" is equivalent to "surveyed", though I can't confirm that.

my thinking here is that if stops are at v1 then they are as imported by
> morb_au and those nodes are a mechanical import...and candidates for removal

I would advise against removal of anything unless verified by survey.
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