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Hi Warin,

First,  wonderful idea,  my grandad fought there with the 2nd AIF and being able to relate dry names in books to actual places is very satisfying ... whether just looking at the map or making an actual visit.

I think it well worth approaching Australian War Memorial. As OpenStreetMap can be used by commercial entities we cannot use NC licensed data. But as we ourselves are non-commercial and you are trying to do something for common good without reward, you may well get a sympathetic response. In a similar vein, I was able to get permission from the Smithsonian to add volcanos from their global index. 

I also agree that asking the Turkish community shows tact and courtesy and will perpetuate the regard that the fighting men of both sides had for each other. I suggest using name:en so that Turkish names can be used as default.

Best wishes for 2014 to all Australian mappers,

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I've taken the trouble of mapping the present memorials (and their associated roads, paths .. in some cases adjacent paths so people don't take the wrong ones) at Gallipoli, Turkey. A few were maped in the south (mainly British, about 4), one road was GPS sourced. I've tried to get them all (OZ, NZ and Turkish mainly), there maybe a few left (at least 2 I think) but I've not found them with bing. 

The Question? 
Should I now map the named ridges, gullies etc that were used by 'us' (and/or named by 'us') in the action? I'd be using info from the official Australian history (avalible as pdfs ... and that has copyright exclusions under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Australia (CC BY-NC 3.0 AU) license. Oh ... rats ... no it doesn't - on another page  "The Australian War Memorial holds copyright for the text, maps and photographs contained in the Official Histories. Reproduction is allowed for private use only. For commercial reproduction, the permission of the Memorial must be obtained." 
So that is 2 questions .. or 3 

 Should it be mapped?  (I'm looking at chapter 24 page 546/7 if your intrested. link http://www.awm.gov.au/histories/first_world_war/ think you'd want volume 2) 
Would the turks object? I should ask them .. 
 Getting permission from the Australian War Memorial? 

PS ..
I'm now dowloading the 'Gallipoli Mission'.. I've had the WW1 history for some time .. and yes I've read it .. 

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