[talk-au] Australian Tagging Guidelines

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 00:26:59 UTC 2014


Some thoughts on Australian Tagging Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki.htm

First it is very good - covers most common issues. In fact I'd call it 

But .. there could be some additions?

How do you tag a 'Gully'? .. I've used waterway=stream intermittent=yes, 
googled from an American post. Looks to work (I've used it on Gallipoli).


The default number of lanes.

Currently 2 except for oneway, there it is 1.

Change to

Default number is 2 except for

Motorways = 4?

oneway = 1

track = 1

highway service = 1

alley = 1

And while we are on defaults

Default widths?

path = 1 ?(meter)

footway = 0.9 ?(measured on my steps)

cycleway = 2 ?

Comment? Rather than an addition.

GPX files ..
This is probably better elsewhere but
After I entered my GPX track I found Garmins Mapsource program has a 
very good filter.. open the track properties and there is a 'filter' 
button and in there you can set your filtering parameters .. I found it 
much better than the JOSM filter.

I note the city/town/village thing ... my comment is 'tagging for the 
renderer' :) ... This will continue to be a problem where the rendering 
rules are common for the world. The population density and hence the 
infrastructural density varies around the world and the renders use the 
high density to set the rules so things don't get too confused. 
Unfortunately the less dense parts of the world (probably the greater 
area; Australia, South America, Africa to name some) then look blank 
making the result less usable. The rendering rules should change with 
the density to make the results more usable?

4WD difficult ratings .. well the Mountain Bikers have a system .. use 
that? While the difficulty levels change with the vehicle - deep sand 
springs to mind .. 4WDs float over it ... motorcycles have to speed over 
it, with mountain bikes sinking into it, but it might be a starting point?

Surfaces - we have paved/unpaved sand/dirt/wood etc .. but not 
corrugated(washboard American)[probably most significant], rocky nor 
ripio (South American). Mud? though that may be seasonal. :)

PS Gallipoli is roughly mapped from the 'copyright expired' AWM sources. 
I've had an acknowledgement from AWM for my application for copyright 
permission for the other sources I want to use. Still talking about the 
naming issues there on the Turkish talk group .. think I have a solution 
..but it is a work in progress .. I don't have Turkish names up as yet 
as I don't have a good copyright free source (yet?). But it now has more 
information than it had.

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