[talk-au] Australian Tagging Guidelines

Ross Scanlon info at 4x4falcon.com
Wed Jan 8 01:14:16 UTC 2014

On 08/01/14 10:26, Warin wrote:
> Hi,
> Some thoughts on Australian Tagging Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki.htm
> First it is very good - covers most common issues. In fact I'd call it
> excellent.
> But .. there could be some additions?
> How do you tag a 'Gully'? .. I've used waterway=stream intermittent=yes,
> googled from an American post. Looks to work (I've used it on Gallipoli).


> Changes?
> The default number of lanes.
> Currently 2 except for oneway, there it is 1.
> Change to
> Default number is 2 except for
> Motorways = 4?

Would have thought 2 would be more likely, given that they tend to be 
two on each carriageway except in urban areas and where additional lanes 
may be required.
Mind you it's a while since I drove on one as I tend to avoid them where 
possible, rather take the scenic route.

> 4WD difficult ratings .. well the Mountain Bikers have a system .. use
> that? While the difficulty levels change with the vehicle - deep sand
> springs to mind .. 4WDs float over it ... motorcycles have to speed over
> it, with mountain bikes sinking into it, but it might be a starting point?

Look at a new key for this rather than modifying the 4wd_only key.

Don't reinvent the wheel either there is a classification system for this:


so something like:


when rendered next to the 4wd_only key use the appropriate icon from the 

> Surfaces - we have paved/unpaved sand/dirt/wood etc .. but not
> corrugated(washboard American)[probably most significant], rocky nor
> ripio (South American). Mud? though that may be seasonal. :)

corrugated is intermittent, depends on when the road/track was last 
graded and probably should be part of smoothness. The surface is still 

surface=mud is already in the wiki

surface=rock is probably better than rocky


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