[talk-au] Address tagging guidelines for Australia

Stéphane Guillou stephane.guillou at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 02:10:47 UTC 2014

Hi all

My first email to the list - I hope I am doing the right thing. If not, 
let me know.

I was wondering why there wasn't any guidelines about tagging addresses 
in Australia on the page 

It would be very helpful for newcomers to see a default tagging scheme 
for addresses.

I came to this because I was asking myself:
- Are we using QLD or Queensland for addr:state? 
- What is our definition of suburb vs city for the tags? (e.g. The Gap 
vs Brisbane. Postal addresses only contain "The Gap", and it is referred 
as a suburb of Brisbane in spoken language, but does the tagging scheme 
ask for The Gap as addr:city?)


Stéphane (chtfn)
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