[talk-au] Opps - may have done the wrong thing with a multiple restriction?

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Just thought I would through my 2 bits in.

I'm not absolutely certain that multiple vias, tos and froms works. I follow the KISS principle as well, and do seperate restrictions where required.

You will find lots of map errors left over from last years (or was it the year before?) license change, where the OSMF Redaction Bot removed all the material contributed by people who did not agree to the license change. (Hence the OSMF Redaction account). As for Alexonthebus, I have noted an occasional error here and there by that user, but nothing that is reoccurring.

The circular way issue is easily identified in JOSM as there validator identifies this, and the ways have arrows on them when selected. To remove them you can unglue them (select the node and hit 'g'), seperate the ways into 2 ways (select way and node(s) and hit 'p'), or just delete a node to remove the extra section of the way.

Well that is my 2 bits, keep up the mapping
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Ok ...

The reason why I'm look at these turn restrictions .. there is a section - 2 nodes that give an error of overlapping ways .. one road .. finally worked it out.. put another node on it and dragged it off - to reveal the overlap - a circular way .. consisting of two nodes.. fixed that now.

Back to the turn restrictions: I've removed the 'group';. Put in two (or more?) restrictions on individual nodes .. from my previews OSM garmin map that I have. If the renderer has not resolved the original intended turn restrictions then that is a further reason for going with individual turn restrictions rather than a 'group' where one turn restriction has multiple vias, froms and tos. Working on the KISS principle. Thought, would someone combining a number of ways into one way, join the turn restrictions into one turn restriction to make this mess?

In doing this I expanded 'my' area .. and that has now revealed more errors - both overlapping ways and more turn restrictions stuff .. I fixed what I could work out in a given time .. but I've left the rest ...
Authors appear to be cleary, Alexonthebus and OSMF Redactivation account. Area is Pennant Hills Road - North Parramatta to Carlingford, Sydney.

On 30/01/2014 10:22 AM, Warin wrote:

On the corner of 'my area' I've a restriction .. that has multiple 'from' and multiple 'to' ... I thought that was a mistake ... but it may not be. The via was indicated as 'incomplete' .. that may just reflect that my area does not include all of the vias? It is confusing to me. Possibly this is a long string of 'no right turns' all combined into one restriction. It would be clearer to me if they were all individual restrictions - and this would reduce the possibility of confusion in the future?

So my question is .. what is the preference for multiple restrictions on consecutive turns? Tag as one, or individual restriction/s?
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