[talk-au] Unleashed (Govhack) Adelaide - Technical mentors

Alex Sims alex at softgrow.com
Thu Jul 10 10:19:46 UTC 2014


I suggested to the organising committee for Unleashed 2014 that having technical help for competitors for open source projects that provide data that is consumed by competitors would be helpful. The response was extremely positive and I am wondering if anyone would like to come into the competition in Adelaide which runs this weekend?

Help would be really useful particularly for the Opening night (Friday from 6pm) and Saturday morning 9am to 12pm. You would help competitors understand how OpenStreetMap data is collected, its strengths and weaknesses, along with how it can be consumed either directly from the project or via intermediaries such as Leaflet etc.

If you can help out please contact me so I can pass your details on to the organisers so you can be admitted to the venue, name-tagged etc.


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