[talk-au] Automating the replacement of abbreviation of street names

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Sun Mar 2 22:50:33 UTC 2014


Great response.
I'll make a change to comply with the 'mechanical changes' policy ... 
This came about as I found making the changes using JOSM involved too 
much work. Rather than many clicks/key presses I'd prefer none, but to 
meet the 'mechanical changes' policy I'll include one key press per 
changed name (Y or N to accept/reject the change).

Where did the abbreviation come from? I'd think this is user entered 
data .. I'd rather have it then nothing. It does not comply with that Au 
standard. I've simply taken what abbreviations I've found in my local 
area as the template, the software loads this in from an external text 
file .. so the user can modify the data to suit. But the 'rules' are 
embedded in the software so cannot be changed by the user. What are the 
'rules'? Changes only to 'ways' tagged 'highway' and only change the 
matching suffix in the 'name' tag. This suffix must be preceded by a 
space, and followed by nothing else other than what is in the external 
file. The external file could contain full stops, spaces etc., at the 
moment I've not come across a need to do that, nor a upper case/lower 
case problem.

What area/s will be changed by this? The way it works is the user 
downloads the area, saves it to a file using JOSM, operates this 
software on that file, then uses JOSM to up load the data. So the area 
will be up to the user. It will not gather the data itself, nor upload 
the changes itself.

I've put the same on my 'OSM Diary' entry and had a few replies there too.

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