[talk-au] AU openstreetmapS.com domain squatter

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 23:32:59 UTC 2014


1) Warning - Bitdefender reports openstreetmapS.com as an attack page.

2) Why obtain a domain name that is so close to another name (that is 
well known)?

3) Why would you (or a firm) obtain a domain name and then offer it *for 
**sal**e* if not for making a profit?

If the above is correct then the issurer must also bear some 
responcibility for this .. if that too is parklogic.com thne I'd 
question their rights to issue domain names in the future.

On 21/03/2014 8:56 AM, David Bannon wrote:
> Grant, are you suggesting the domain is being held in a cyber squatting
> mode ? That Michael is holding it with the intention of making a profit
> from it ?
> David
> On Thu, 2014-03-20 at 15:21 +0000, Grant Slater wrote:
>> Hi OSM Australia,
>> Anyone up for this?
>> The openstreetmapS.com domain is being held by Michael Gilmour of
>> parklogic.com*for sale*. He is based in Camberwell, Victoria,
>> Australia.
>> The domain was originally registered on behalf of OpenStreetMap in
>> 2007 but was accidentally not renewed.
>> Would any Australian OpenStreetMap member be willing to give him a
>> ring and discuss the project and transferring the domain back to the
>> project?
>> OpenStreetMap Foundation does have a trademark on the 'OpenStreetMap'
>> name to protect against such instances, but I'd prefer to try other
>> remedies before legal action.
>> Kind regards,
>>   Grant
>>   Part of OpenStreetMap sysadmin team
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