[talk-au] Bicentennial National Trail is not a dedicated bicycle route

Mark Rennick mark.rennick at iinet.net.au
Sun Sep 14 01:25:54 UTC 2014

I note there has been mapping of the Bicentennial National Trail as a
'bicycle route' in the Victorian Alpine National Park area.


I have two comments on this:


1.    This trail is not a dedicated 'bicycle route'. 


As stated on the http://www.bicentennialnationaltrail.com.au/about/ web
site: 'The Bicentennial National Trail is Australia's premier long distance,
multi-use recreational trekking route...............................The
National Trail was originally conceived as a route for the long distance
horse trekker but is now enjoyed by cyclists and hikers as well.' 


I believe this trail should be mapped as a generic, not bicycle 'route',
tagged with for example: horse trekking, mountain biking, hiking. 


It may however be desirable to have this trail additionally mapped as a
'bicycle route'. For example, so that mountain bike route planning will see
this route in applications such as  'Openmtbmap'.  It should be mapped as an
additional relationship, to the generic Bicentennial National Trail route,
without the name 'Bicentennial National Trail'.



2.    Alternative bicycle routes. 


There has also been mapping of alternative Bicentennial National Trail
routes as bicycle routes. Presumably this is in accordance with the
http://www.bicentennialnationaltrail.com.au/faqs/ web site:  'Parts of the
Trail are not suited to bicycles. The Guidebooks give alternative routes for
cyclists where the route is too steep or too rough to be travelled safely by


These alternative routes are not part of the Bicentennial National Trail and
are not signposted on the ground. They should not be mapped as part of the
Bicentennial National Trail.


I note the Warburton Trail, also a multi-use recreational trail, is mapped
as a bicycle route. I believe this should be mapped as a generic, not
bicycle route. This would give a clearer indication it is multi-use
including horse riding and not just cycling and walking. 


Only dedicated bicycle / pedestrian (shared) trails should be mapped with
the formal name of the trail as bicycle routes.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Mark R.


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