[talk-au] Data for OSM + talk at UNSW

Michael Gratton mike at vee.net
Thu Sep 25 02:14:52 UTC 2014

Hey all,

A while ago I was dissatisfied with the state of UNSW's Kensington 
campus in OSM, especially after all of the recent redevelopment along 
High St it is really out of date in parts, and inaccurate in many 
places elsewhere. Being a student there I have tried to remedy it by 
surveying and imagery, but the canyons formed by the buildings render 
GPS somewhat unreliable and with the out-of-date imagery, progress was 
difficult. Also, things like street names are hardly signposted, so 
it's hard to know what the ground truth is.

So I thought that it would be useful to be able to use the University's 
own maps as a source, and initiated a discussion with the Facilities 
Management (FM) here who maintains infrastructure, buildings grounds, 
etc to clarify the copyright status. After a lot of fair bit of to/fro 
and patient waiting, it seems they are happy for OSM to use their data 
(presumably under the ODbL, I have been stressing that all along). So 
I'm going to meet with some people from FM tomorrow and see what they 
have got and what their terms are.

They are also interested in my presenting an intro and demo for OSM, so 
I need to plan what to do there. I was thinking of roughly the 

 * Introducing the default slippy map and various standard layers, 
talking about licensing that makes things like MQ Open possible
 * Going through some other applications (mobile apps, GNOME Maps, 
Nominatum, GraphHopper)
 * Introducing the data via the Map Data layer on the slippy map
 * Demoing editing using ID2 and JSOM and maybe Vespucci
 * Introducing the wiki and feature documentation
 * Talking a bit about different modes of contributing, and the 
importance of maintenance, and talking up the possibly of FM 
contributing to it.

What do you think, does that all sound reasonable? Any suggestions of 
resources/nifty things to demo in the presentation gratefully accepted.


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