[talk-au] Explicit Permission to use NSW Land and Property Information data

cleary osm at 97k.com
Sat Dec 5 22:12:42 UTC 2015

I have approached the NSW Government and have received permission for
OpenStreetMap to use specified data from Land and Property Information

I have added the appropriate attribution in the Contributors page of the
wiki under New South Wales Government data and it includes a link
("explicit permission") to a transcription of the correspondence
received, so that the details of the specified permission and requested
attribution can be scrutinised.

I do not have the skills to import whole datasets safely but it is my
intention to utilise individual items of data where I can do so when
editing OSM. I also recognise the dangers in importing data on a
wholesale basis, for example the official NSW suburb boundaries (as
shown in LPI data) are not the same as the ABS approximations which have
already been included in some places and there would be scope for
serious conflict of data if this particular LPI dataset were to be
imported without a lot of care.

Is there anything else that needs to be done in regard to appropriate
publication of permission in the wiki?  

I trust other users editing the New South Wales map will be interested
in this new (and very rich) source of data.

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