[talk-au] High country huts

forster at ozonline.com.au forster at ozonline.com.au
Sat Jul 4 08:24:04 UTC 2015


I am new to editing.

I have noticed inconsistency in what are known in Australia as Alpine  
or High Country or Mountain Cattlemen's huts.

In Victoria they are tagged  tourism=alpine_hut (see Bogong High  
Plains, Mt Sterling and Lake Mountain)

In the NSW they are tagged as  shelter_type=basic_hut. (see the Snowy  
Mountains, [except that you can't easily see them, eg Whites River  
Hut, Schlink Hilton, Tin Hut])

I would consider retagging the Victorian huts to basic_hut or  
wilderness_hut but there is a serious safety issue involved. I am  
aware that I should not tag for Mapnik but downgrading the hut status  
would be very risky for map users.

alpine_hut displays in Mapnik at zoom 13 but basic_hut displays at  
zoom 16. It is practically impossible to find a basic_hut with scroll  
and zoom, even if you know roughly where it is. I guess this is why  
Victorian huts are tagged alpine_hut.

These huts are the single most important feature in Australian alpine areas.

Ideally I would like to see basic_hut or wilderness_hut displaying at  
zoom 13, there is heaps of empty space, at least in Australian maps  
round these huts, then I would like to see the Victorian huts retagged.

Your thoughts?


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