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I'm user Steve91.

I did not put the original track in OSM, the changeset that is referenced is to me improving the accuracy of the upper (eastern) section of the track. The upper section of the track has been in existence for over a year or two. And appears to be well used/good condition. 

I do not know where the name came from. I only map what is on the ground and the way this track is follows what I know as single track mtb.

There is no signs stating no access, this is a formed path. As are many others in the area. Even the official ones aren't signed.

I strongly discourage the removal of the track as OSM is a map of the world and not the map of parks vic. If it exists then it can be mapped.

I don't mind removal of the name, however the original author might.

These are just my views, always happy to consider other views.


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Thanks for the replies

The track exists and is mappable. It is not blocked off.

Parks Vic prefers light handed regulation so I used mild language to  
describe the track status.  
http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/315692/Park-note-Lysterfield-Lake-mountain-bike-riding.pdf actually states: "Cyclists are not permitted to create new tracks, ride through bush or ride on tracks other  
those designated for Mountain Bike riding."

Possibly tag it access=no and rename it to "Track closed" depending on  
how widely the name "Ant Track" is known. It may be known as Ant Track  
by a very small group of riders.

Thanks for the contact info, I didn't want to start an edit war with  
the author. I will contact them.


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