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Well spotted, Alex. It is interesting that both of the errors you have found have been in the “type” part of the name (e.g., street/lane/terrace etc). There seems to be approximately 1000 roads where the difference between the OSM and datasa versions is the type (excluding cases that could easily be determined to be typos in OSM, like terace, cresent,  etc). I wonder what proportion of those 1000 are errors in datasa? 


I have decided to modify my scripts so that they omit from “missing.osm” cases where the difference is only in the road-type portion of the name. The script will now put these cases into a different file, “different_road_type.osm”, instead. Except, the cases of obviously misspelled OSM road types will stay in missing.osm. 


I have placed my latest versions of missing.osm and different_road_type.osm in the Google Drive folder. I have also pushed the new versions of the scripts to Github.


Incidentally, the scripts now put the tag “upload=false” into the .osm files, so that if you accidentally hit “Upload” in JOSM when you are on that layer bad things won’t happen!






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I’ve started finding errors not on OpenStreetMap but in the DPTI data. 


I’ve documented a fix process at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import/South_Australian_Roads#Errors_in_the_source_data


It’s not as easy as an edit on the Map but it should work






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