[talk-au] Refreshing NSW place names from the GNB database.

Andrew Davidson u887 at internode.on.net
Thu Apr 7 01:30:59 UTC 2016

There was an import of NSW places from the GNB database done back in 
2008 with a helpful wiki page ;-)


I'm proposing to review these to see what's changed in the last 8 years 
but I've run into a number of problems:

1. It would seem that the original import was not complete
2. The nswgnb tags have not survived well
3. The GNB has "helpfully" created entries for the address localities 
but these seem to have taken on the reference numbers for the original 
town/village/city. They've created new entries for the original entity 
but this means that the town/village/city now has a different reference 
4. Sometimes the locality entry has the same location but at other times 
it can be separated by up to 5km.

Initially I thought that the multiple GNB references could be entered 
with multiple values like this:


but this doesn't naturally tell you how the place:nswgnb and ref:nswgnb 
line up and it doesn't lend itself to adding the alt_names that are in 
the database. As an alternative I'd like to use this scheme*:


which requires swapping the namespace prefix around to make nswgnb the 
namespace. I think this makes it clearer how the GNB categories line up 
and can be extended for more names (There is at least one place in NSW 
with three different variant names).

I'm also proposing to put the LOCALITY or SUBURB entry at the same place 
as the corresponding TOWN/VILLAGE/CITY etc entry (provided that it still 
falls inside the admin_level 10 boundary).

Any views on these ideas? I think the most important thing is will this 
be useful for the next person who looks at this in 5 to 10 years from now?

*Unusually the admin_level 10 boundary for this area is called Lake 
Tabourie and has a separate GNB entry:


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